Praise for LIES That Limit

What Readers Are Saying

“’LIES That Limit’ shows you how to get out of your own way so you can discover the life you are meant to live. We only get one chance at making the most of our life experience and too often we limit ourselves and don’t follow our true passions. I’m glad I came across this book when I did—it has helped me to reshape my outlook and ambitions.”
Michelle Tooker
Writer and Marketer, Arcadia University

Teressa hired me to proofread LIES That Limit. As I began working my way through the book, I became more and more engrossed in her message.  What a liberating and inspiring book!  By the time I was done, I was able to release many inhibitions that have been holding me back from achieving the goals I wanted to reach.
Jo Anne Dearden

I am enjoying how you set up the reality of the limiting beliefs in our lives. [LIES That Limit] should also be required reading in schools. Great book!!”
David Cockrell, Health and Wellness Coach

“I’m a proponent of ‘enlightened self-interest’ as a necessary precursor to being able to effectively interact with others in a positive way…your thoughts [in LIES That Limit] are important in getting me/us to that point…your thoughts and insights are worth consideration and action by me and most of the people whom I know.  Thank you for sharing with and inspiring us.”
Bruce Kaiser, an active 78-year-old retiree

“I am in the midst of reading your book and love it… it is simply lyrical and compelling.”
Helen Baxter-Southworth | HBS & Associates, LLC | Organizational strength through leadership

“Congratulations Teressa, Lies That Limit is a well written, easy to follow blueprint of what it takes to be successful…whether in shaping our careers, or our daily lives.  Her book is a perfect guide to assist us in recognizing and understanding the “Pivot Points” in our lives.  The book delivers a realistic set of tools to aid each of us in defining who we really are.”
Ike Smalls, Retired Corporate Executive

“Every once in awhile, if we’re fortunate, we discover a book that stops us in our tracks and causes us to rethink everything we know.   This is one of those books… Read it and reap.”
Sam Horn, Author | Keynoter | Consultant

“Once you read LIES That Limit and Teressa enters into your life, you will begin to shake loose long-held assumptions that can deform the way you think, feel and behave…Why accept limits that don’t exist?”
Bonnie St. John, author of Live Your Joy, Olympic ski medalist and leadership consultant

“At every step of the way you are confronted with the choice to either cling desperately to the LIES that limit self-realization or let them go.”
Barry Oshry, Director, Power + Systems, Inc. and author of Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life

“… a must read for every student, professional, and executive that ever doubted themselves…the bible for all budding entrepreneurs.”

Larry Morris, Former Bond Trader

“This book is truly a gift to be read by the whole family.”

Michelle Drayton, President and Publisher, Today’s Child Magazine

“Her framework for growth provides new positive ways for viewing yourself in business and in life.”
Barbara Pachter, speaker and author of Greet! Eat! Tweet! and When The Little Things Count…And They Always Count

“… an examination of what few dare face – the untruths that can serve as barriers to moving forward and dealing with life with a focused mind.”

Larry Kane, TV personality and Host of CN8’s “Voice of Reason”

“…a poignant illustration on how we can truly connect our spirituality with our personal missions.”

Sylvia Watts McKinney, Executive Director, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Philadelphia Program Office

“… a deeply insightful and inspirational book packed full of practical tips for discovering, analyzing and overcoming the complex maze of emotional and psychological constraints…”
Rondo Moses, Managing Partner, Stratex Management Consulting

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